Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i proudly introduce you

despite the planning that annie and i did before starting the blog, i'm going to break ranks and post the same week annie posts.  initially we thought we would post every other week, to keep it fresh and not to bombard either of us with "blog" homework.  i had my first entry all planned out.  i knew what i was going to say and had started researching and saving pictures of examples i wanted to share.  then global views walked into my life...or i walked into theirs rather.

last week was market in dallas and as neiman and i were leaving on friday we stopped in the global views showroom so she could show me a light fixture she has her eye on.  once i crossed the threshold the nuptials were official.  i was in love.  the colors, the layout, the PRODUCT!  honestly, i could gush about this joint all day, but i will just post a few pictures of things that caught my eye while i was in there.  i was so in awe, that i was halfway through the showroom (which is huge) before i remembered i had the ole nikon with i started snapping pics and went back to get the first thing that caught my  eye.  which was.....

this lamp.  why this lamp?  well you see, some things take me on a journey back to childhood at lightening speed.  this lamp was one of them.  in my grandparent's house, there was a lamp between their la-z-boys.  you know how all of our grandparents had their "chairs" and how they were facing the tv and slightly angled toward each other as to create an illusion that there was conversation going on between the chair's occupants.

anyway, they had this lamp;  i swear it was THIS lamp.


and global views had THIS lamp:

while you can't see it very clearly, the lamp has three trays that go up the lamp's post.  i wanted to buy it then and there.

the love affair continued as i savored every inch of that showroom.  i even went back twice to some areas.  when i turned a corner and saw the square footage was double what i initially thought, i knew i had married the right showroom.

next to catch my eye was this chair.  something you will learn about me through this blog is my love for detail.  i remember when kate spade first came out with her boxy basic black bag.  it was no-nonsense.  it was simple.  but inside...there was COLOR!  ooohhh!  how i loved those pocketbooks.

this chair has neat details on the legs.  just thought it was special.

now usually scales and i are NOT friends...nope, no way no how.  but near the back of the showroom i saw this and for some reason i really REALLY liked it.  odd, but true.

as we were leaving this piece stood out to me.  i like the mixture of the raw wood and the big huge silver knobs.  mixing elements is also something that gets me going.

finally there were a few items made from these glass links.  one was a chandelier that went from the ceiling to the floor.  i thought it would be spectacular if you had a 30' foyer.  here is a  picture of table lamps made in the same fashion.

that completes my first entry.  i'm so happy i finally got to share the news and proudly introduce you to

mrs. global views. ;-)

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