Monday, August 23, 2010

things i heart

this week's post is to showcase things/areas we love about our homes.

 i love so much about this house, it was hard to choose just a few things.  here's what i am come up with.

i'll start in the kitchen.

this red piece was left by the previous owners for me since i basically begged and begged for it.  the first picture is the base and the second is the top detail of the cabinet above it.  i love the chipped paint, the wood top and just the uniqueness about it.  

another thing in my kitchen that is new is a fleur de lis stained glass piece i got in lafayette when we were there for a wedding in may.  i love the simplicity and the reminder when i look out of my kitchen window that home isn't too far away.

this piece is a build in hutch that the previous owners painted a perfect color blue.  i adore it, the beaded board backing and the lighted cabinet for my stemware.  

finally, this little corner vignette is a favorite of mine.  i love the plate i found at red door interiors in baton rouge.  the bowl is from royal standard also in baton rouge.  ( i think i see a theme of fleur de lis here....)

next are a few areas in my great room.  this is a room in the house we rarely use.  first and foremost are the chairs that i bought when we decided to move.  i have gotten SO MANY compliments on these chairs.  and the great news is i bought them at Marshalls for only $199 each.  gotta love a good bargain that brings in compliments.  


these candle sticks were purchased at an estate sale.  i love them!  that's all.  

n this great room i went with an overall black and white color scheme.  while in baton rouge a few years ago i picked up some pieces that would add a southern flair to this room.  the wrought iron brackets and fleur de lis mirror on my built in bookshelf are two of my favorites.  

this iron tschotske is something i found at paul michael in canton.  LOVE it so much i got one for my mom too....

we recently purchased a dining room table ( only took us 3 years) to help complete the look of the house.  the dining room was basically being used as a secondary playroom which wasn't great for showings.  here is the dining room now.  i just love the way it looks.  also included is a hand painted medallion above the chandelier.  

in our family room i have started a picture wall.  the idea was to mix in black and white pictures of things i like along with pictures of the kids.  as you can see i haven't really...achieved that yet.  but i get a lot of comments on the canvas picture i had done from a snapshot i took of m&mk in the bath a while back.  

in our half bath we have a corner cabinet that i struggled with setting up.  when target had their displays with furniture from a lot of cultures, i found these mini frames.  stocked up on them and put pictures of lee and myself when we were kids along with one of my mom and another of my dad when they were younger.  this is the bathroom most visitors  use.  also included is a picture of the cabinet in that bathroom.  when i saw that the first time we looked at this house i was in love.

in my master bathroom i have a long black wooden rack to hang towels or wet bathing suits.  i really love it. here is the center medallion.

 i really love our playroom.  the kids get so much joy out of this room, although i think i have probably picked up and reorganized this room no less than 50 times in the three years we have been here.  

one random thing in our house that i love is a bottle opener and a copper cup that we found in boerne, texas years ago.  in our first house this was in the kitchen, but now it is on the wall in the garage next to the beer fridge.  

finally, i would be remiss without the mention of my fabulous pool.  we have so much fun in this 100+ degree texas heat with the pool.  it makes our house perfect for entertaining and the kids have really grown comfortable with the water. 

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