Sunday, September 5, 2010

kitchens: what i have and like....what i want

my current kitchen isn't all that spectacular.  there are a few areas that i love and features that i couldn't live without.  i'll first show you my kitchen and the aforementioned spaces.  then i will show you some photos of kitchens and ideas that i have fallen in love with and put in to my "idea book" for my dream house.

i love my dishwasher.  it has a pull out tray at the VERY top that is for utensils.  it is removable, so you can take it to the drawer for easy unloading.  at the bottom of the dishwasher there is a handle and compartment that you can remove that catches all food from the dishes.  i Miele did a great job with this feature.  it's almost like a garbage disposal in your dishwasher!

underneath the double ovens we have a drawer that is dedicated to kids stuff.  plates, cups, sippys, snack traps. whatever.  this way if they need a drink or a snack they can access their things without needing help.  this is also an area that provides a lot of play time for clay and sam, as they love to unload this drawer.  

on the side of the double ovens out of sight from the main kitchen area the previous owners had this mesh rack.  each section is for a different family member.  it works great for us and i really love that i have ONE area of my house that is a go to place for papers and what not.  

i love my window above my sink.

and these prints from ikea above my bay window.  

for my ideal kitchen i am really all over the map!  i know i want a few features.  let's remember this is in my DREAM kitchen, most of which i am sure i may never see.

My dream kitchen is a mixture of the elements.  It has brick, wood, steel, shiny industrial appliances and rustic worn furniture.  Some features i would really like to have are refrigerated drawers, a pedal under my kitchen sink that turns the water on and off, an island with huge casters so it is more versatile, a warming drawer, a sonic ice machine, a pot filler on the cook-top back splash, and a huge pantry (see more below).

here are some pictures i have scavenged from the internet over the past few months.  chances are my next house will need to have some updating done to it so i have started an ideas folder and throw pictures in there when i see something i love.

first kitchen picture shows the industrial range area i dream cooking meals in front of.  i also love how the french doors in the distance are painted black, as is the trim around the kitchen sink.  the only thing missing here is a pot filler at the range area of the kitchen.

 this kitchen has the pot filler at the range area, but not quite the industrial look i love.  however i LOVE the rustic table, old bench mixed with the  air duct/warehouse looking fixtures on the ceiling as well as the
Q-bert-esque  tiles on the floor.

this is the same kitchen as above.  notice again the dark trimmed doors/windows as well as a mixture of old with new and crisp.  love this.

this next picture features a screen door for the pantry!  what a great idea.  the kitchen still  has clean lines, but that simple hint of whimsy seems to put the room at ease.

i just like the placement of this cook-top as well as the butcher block counter tops in that area.  

this is the picture i have been dying to post.  i searched and searched for a cool, never-before-seen idea for a kitchen to use on this post specifically.  i LOVE this idea for a pantry.  they have a nice walk in pantry, but the kicker is that they've located the FRIDGE in the pantry!  what a concept!!!!!!!!!  i love this love love love this....

finally, while i am not a big fan of the cabinetry in this first kitchen, the brick archway, as well as the brick flooring in this kitchen brings me back to my acadian heritage.  the kitchens in louisiana are second to none.  i love the overall asthetic in these ktichens.  here are two pictures of kitchens i love that incorporate brick.  the second one really appeals to be because of the use of wood (columns and beams) as well.

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