Monday, October 4, 2010

Stacie's House

Sorry for the silence...Sharon and I have both been busy, and I've been battling illnesses at my house. But, we are stockpiling ideas for posts and should have plenty more to add to the blog soon!

I was at my friend Stacie's house recently for dinner, and I just had to snap some pictures to share! Stacie has an amazing decorating sense, although she doesn't seem as aware of it as the rest of us are. She is quick to give credit to her sister, who helps her bring her projects to life. I've known Stacie since I was 11 and I can vouch for her creativity - it's fun to see how she expresses it in her house, and especially in her children's bedrooms (pictures below).

One of my favorite things about Stacie's house is her attention to detail. There are details everywhere in this house!
Entryway - love the mix of wire, wood, wicker and pewter

Stained glass hanging from entryway into kitchen

Shelving above the entertain center - love that tree!

Stacie said this upstairs loft/guest room is a work in progress. The orange accent wall is striking!
The bookshelf is from the Wisteria Outlet (a matching one faces it from the opposite wall). What my picture did not capture are these awesome sliding panels that Stacie created and added to give a guest some privacy at night.

Painted dresser from Wisteria Outlet, in the master bedroom

Don't you just love these wood floors that
Stacie and her husband installed? I am craving
painted wood floors these days!

A shelf high above the living room

Although it is difficult to tell from this picture, the ceiling in her sons' room is made of tin, and the walls are painted in rugby stripes of blue and green. The tin ceiling is such a fun addition to this little boy's bedroom! It's a little bit modern, a little bit urban, but works well with more traditional furniture too and helps create a space that is uniquely his.

More attention to detail...

V putting her son's animals to sleep on top of a bookshelf.

Her daughter's nursery is newly finished. Here are a few pics of this beautiful mobile she made.

Don't you think she should sell these on etsy???
Notice the felt leaves - so much detail.

What little girl wouldn't sleep tight at night
with her own moon and stars to watch?

An adorable cover up for shelves in the nursery,
sewn by Stacie's mom

Love this mural! Again, made by Stacie.
Is there nothing she can make???

Details, details. So sweet.
A picket fence borders the nursery

Peek a boo!

Thank you Stacie for letting me post your house - sadly I don't think these pictures do it justice!

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